Safety Tips

General Tips

  1. No money in advance! A request for payment in advance generally always turns out to be attempted fraud. Never transfer money in advance! This applies to both cash transfer payments and bank transfers.
  2. Before making an appointment, check them thoroughly. The location you plan to meet the buyer must be a safe place.
  3. Be honest with the ad you post and enjoy a direct customer experience.
  4. One of the most important things is to not disclose financial or personal information other than what is needed for the offer in the free classifieds sites.
  5. Stay away from unreasonable offers, and if something is available at really to good to be true then the users need to check it properly.
  6. To enjoy a safe and dispute-free deal, it is best to inspect and collect and then close the deal.
  7. If you have unclear details about the item then clarify before buying.